Commercial Cleaning

At Skrub Services Inc., we offer a 100% value promise. We use an electronic timekeeping system that the cleaning staff log into when they arrive at your facility. They do their work and then log out when they are done. It is a measurable guarantee of performance that tracks their daily and weekly hours of work at your location. This ensures accountability and peace of mind for all work that is done at your location.

We keep a log book onsite that you can write entries into for details that may have been missed or to order more paper/consumables products. The cleaner also uses the log book to communicate with you about any issues that you should be aware of.

For complete commercial cleaning Services, call Skrub Services at (249)-888-8001. Skrub Services offers a wide range of janitorial services including regular office cleaning scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or as required. We also offer carpet and floor maintenance, stripping and buffing linoleum and carpet shampooing. Whether you’re looking for commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning or institutional janitorial services – we’ve got you covered.

“A cluttered workspace means a cluttered Mind”

Send us a message detailing your cleaning needs and we will get back to you within 48 hours or less. If you need a cleaning immediately we suggest calling us at 249-888-8001